Anyone Else Feel The Same?

I'm hoping there's a few more out there like me and maybe we could try this together?
For a few years I've been wondering what it would like to have **** in my ***. I don't feel I need a boyfriend in fact I love girls. I have a very attractive girlfriend and we have a very loving relationship. I don't feel I can talk to her about this as she is quite reserved. I have had some wild sexual experiences with a prior girlfriend where we talked about having another guy with us so I could feel a man's **** in me.
Is there anyone out there who would like to find out with me? I'm an average looking guy, great body (just seemed to of been born that way, excuse) and I believe fairly intelligent too.
Anyone about in West Sussex UK? Send me a mail
Analvirgin2012 Analvirgin2012
46-50, M
2 Responses May 20, 2012

Ya I mean that's interesting, I feel the same sort of thing. Guys actually don't turn me on and I'm about the ladies. However, I've recently started experimenting with some *** play and really love the sensation. I think I may be ready to try the real thing. It's an odd situation though yu know?

I've also started to think that I'd like to feel a man's **** inside me. It's a recent thing but I get quite excited at the thought of it.