Don't Take It The Wrong Way.

It's not that i think anarchy would work. I don't even think it's possible in this day and age. Our system is omnipresent and that doesn't change over night. I simply resent the fact that our world is better portrayed by 1984 than the news. i resent the hands of a system that considers itself god. I resent a governing body claiming it's laws are made for my own good when in reality these people don't know me, or care about me. I resent the fact that my life is controlled by multi billion dollar corporations and not concerned civil servants. i resent a police force whose entire method is based on intimidation. 
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3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

definately theirs, one of their latest ploys to benefit them at harm to us is their attempt to illegalize raw milk, they're claiming healthy raw milk is dangerous for your health, with no scientific studies backing this, and with a million other real health threats that are being ignored, they just want to ensure big milk producers profits.

To an extent, yes. Do the powers that be want what is for our good or theirs?

Does someone have to know you to know what is for your own good, generally speaking?