Care little for governments that plague our world nowadays. They make laws that seems to be a hindrance to the little people while allowing the rich to use us as a step-stool. A majority of us work up to 8+ hour shifts, barely getting through the week, only to be given a paycheck that disappears as quickly as it was given to us, while other people get paid 10fold more than us simply because of the way they look, dress, etc. And here's the real problem, it seems as though you can be arrested for the most obscene of crimes. I was arrested for a crime I didn't commit, while there are those that have committed a more severe form of the crime and got away with it simply because of who they did it to. But I do not fret much. Very soon will this society collapse, and i will be one of the few who will smile as our faces are aglow from the fires that will be sparked by the chaos that will soon emerge from the death of the American Govt.
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It will not be chaos. It will be quite the opposite. It will be a fair society.

True it is karma but look who ti affects the most; our brothers and sisters who put on those sacred and honoured uniforms. They haven't committed crimes punishable by the deaths of them. They bust their ***** off too. Only more so; they have to be away from lovers, children, friends, family; the very things we take for granted they cannot have or partake in. They are sent away from home to fight in something that need not be and they are the ones who suffer the most. Despite all the good that they might be doing; it isn't right for them to be dying like that. <br />
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You punish those who commit the crime; you do not punish those who do what they are ordered to do or are required and expected to do. is time for karma to happen to the usa...that is what i believe is going on in iraq...karma....for we have made so many civilian causalities of war in the past and present...yes it is karma and it stings and bites back like a bit-ch pit bull jaw on lockjaw lol

Sadly you are right WoA. That is the way the world works. On the backs of the working, the poor, and the trying, rise up the powerful and rich. It shouldn't be, it should be to each his own fair wealth. But that is not how it is.<br />
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Will it ever get that way? Maybe, but I believe something truly devastating would have to occur for that to happen. <br />
Maybe it needs to.

I hope it will. I really do. People will not stand for things getting worse for too long.<br />
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I really hope Obama can turn things around before we all go off that dark end of the road.

My mother is busting her a** to support me, two of my sisters and one of my nephews as well as two house notes and a mortgage payment along with the rest of our normal bills. With no help from the government. She can barely catch a break.<br />
On top of that, It's almost impossible to find a better paying and quality job than the one I have. it's not just the government. It's cheap business and greedy corporate owners.

I'm quoting but:<br />
People shouldn't be afraid of their governments.<br />
Governments should be afraid of their people.

I agree to some of what you say. I dont buy into everything that the goverment says and does. and i definetly agree that the rich and famous get off the hook which is bullshit. I honestly believe that the laws should be made an eye for an eye. The people who put their babies in a microwave should be placed in a giant microwave and be killed. If you torchure someone the same things should be done to you. I think we need the government but i think theres a lot of things that go on within it that should be changed.

I agree. I look at the gross misuse of government power and it literally churns my stomach. At times, I catch myself thinking: "What we need is another American Revolution...against our own government!!"<br />
Simply put...people are NOt cattle to be led. And yet, here we are....