Violence Is Bad

[QUOTE=biggles;1059129434]There will be a battle. God Allah versus Satan and his freemason zionist followers. Muslim lands will be back in Islamic hands and I can see that every one of these so called Strong mens' work will be torn down.

I would even go as far as forecasting the destruction off all symbols of Satan, from the Pyramids in Egypt to the Buddha's of India.

The people of this world will have had enough...[/QUOTE]

as much as I agree wholeheartedly
with some of which you say
you just haven't seen what I have seen
at the back end of february

you suggest that satan is responsible
for the pyramids and more
well I hope they don't take giza down
its a magical place so been told

but i wholeheartedly disagree
the east religions spiritually
are light years ahead of
the christian death cult

but let me tell you what i did see
I saw 4 massive rows of bhudda's
all with their heads cut off
in the big temple at Ayutthaya

disturbed my kharma at 6 in the morning
but i was the only tourist up
got off my train not so randomly
and was gagging for a cup of PG

So I asked my tuktuk drive over
snooker at 7 in the morning
what was with decapitation
seemed so disrespectful

his English was bad, so he chose
to give me a free stop, and there
I read the tale of the Myanmar King
who installed a big **** off canon

when he invaded. But when the pr ick
when he tried to fire it
blew up in his face
and the **** died the day he left
Av some of that A RSEH OLE!
Creator 1 AR SEH OLES 0

so please wake up to ying and yang
and David always stressing NON VIOLENT
cos Yang can be a ***** if you let it
and i know some places need torching
but please just think for a minute
why these people made so much effort

I will tell you why, I'm a town planner
and been checking stuff out on
Mr Googles Earth, brings back memories
of the town and country planning act 71
which is so boring but got a huge hole in it
If you cannot see it it doesn't need permission

I digress, its all to do with leylines
they have built big machines to
drain everybody's energies: Obvious to me
Canberra Drawing energy using the sea..

so instead of getting your lighters out
we can use their weopons against them
when things go to sh it in 2012
and you live in a flat, your fuct
leylines, good or bad they magnify

so get your tent and sleeping bag
and a really good tat trolley
and head to your local park for a party
hell we should start them early
strategically placed RAVES
Peace and love short circuit
of the evil and their grid

and all got parks and green spaces
and the love parade is no longer
tragic; do it in clubbers honour
peace and love being shut down
when it's our only hope right now
41-45, M
Aug 8, 2010