You Guys Are Fools

What is the benefit of this? No structure, no guidance. Do you think that murderers are just fabrications from the media so they can profit off of security systems.

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Oh, so your government prevents murders from happening? Yeah right. And you're american, the most ignorant sheep of them all. You believe all the lies on tv, your troops are dying for the bad guys, and yet you believe in government..
This is scientifically proven, as long as a person has power, he/she'll develop the tendency to lie, practice hypocrisy and cheat. It's not that they're bad, it's that power makes them bad.
Try to think about how the first government would've been formed, or better yet, why would've anyone given someone else power over himself? Because he was forced one wants to be ruled over by someone else, do you? As long as there's power others, someone will be a slave. As long as there is slavery, there will not be freedom. When the government sends troops in Afghanistan for oil, they don't give a damn about those lives who died fighting for what they thought was the right cause, when the rich wage war, it's the poor who die. You don't know the reality of the world, my friend, your life is too convenient. You grow apathetic. The truth is hard to accept, so you choose to kneel and swallow their lies.

In your eagerness to put down the citizens of the United States, you forgot to check which country I am from. What gave you the idea that I was American? I could be Egyptian for all you know.

But you seem to be confused. Regulation is not synonymous with tyranny. Just because there are customs and rules does not mean that we are not free. What is your conjecture on the nature of man? That we don't desire violence and hatred? That, if left to our own agendas, everyone will live in peace? That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Humans are naturally aggressive. I personally don't believe in the concept of good and evil, but there are some things that aren't gray. Such as murder being wrong. If there was no fear of punishment, things are a free-for-all. There is no honor system that works. There is no truth and peace. We simply must live with what we have. And a government makes all of these things possible. I hate politicians as much as any sane person should, but they are a necessary evil.

False. Humans are born with the sense of justice and morality. We are smart enough to live in peace, if we are on are own. Just because you don't have a system of values and morals, doesn't mean no one else has. Most of the crimes committed are caused by greed for money and/or power. Anarchy is not perfect, human nature makes it impossible to be so, but it's the closest we can get. Maybe you think that humans desire hatred, I don't see it. You don't see what causes the hatred we see today. Fear, prejudice and again,greed.
I did not judge about you being American. I knew it. How? Elementary, my dear Watson, your profile shows local time to be about -5 GMT; that combined with your attitude of thinking everyone as being lesser than you, proved it.
Well you are free to think what seems right to you, but isn't posting a story in an Anarchist group like a cry for attention? I mean you could have written it in the Anti-ANarchist group, why here?
Humans are still working to make this world better, and they're doing it successfully too. Long way to go, but it has got to start, and it has. Hope, isn't dead yet.

Arrogance is one of my many faults. But arrogance must be earned, and I've done more than enough to be rewarded with it.

Justice and morality are lies to give reason to the things that humans do. Most everything is grey, and living in a world with restrictions to subjugate the dangerous grey areas is worth the occasional hassle. I am not oppressed. I have the right to speak my mind, and do most anything I want. Am I allowed to go out and kill someone that I hate? No. But I'm glad that's the case. The freedom to kill and rob whomever you want without reprieve may be appealing to you and any other sub-human, but those who want progress and civilization will never see the appeal of anarchy. It is dangerous.

there's the problem, you think anarchy=chaos. You think, we mean to rob banks and loot stuff. We are talking about mutual aid, about co-operation, and unity. You would only be angry enough to kill someone if the motive was money/power, directly or indirectly. Although I can see you won't understand it. Arrogance must be earned? Oh, please. When you've been oppressed, when you suffer injustice, then you'll see what I'm talking about. You don't wanna know the truth? Fine. You wanna survive doing what others tell you to, trying to make people who don't give a damn about you happy? Be my guest. Good luck with how that will turn out..I'm done trying to tell you what anarchy is since you clearly don't want to know, nor is your mind open enough for it.
Your childhood, how was it? Was it a free one? My bet is it wasn't, strict parents, whom you obeyed, without question?..I'm not judging, I'm merely trying to hone my powers of deduction, and you're practice. Correct me if I'm wrong.
How, in your opinion would you consider your life to be a success? If it's not too personal, what kind of family do you come from, was it a rich one or an average working class family?
Are you happy? When was the last time you laughed?

Anarchy does equal chaos, more or less. You hear the saying about giving a mouse a cookie? This is giving him the whole jar. Then what? Maybe - MAYBE - an anarchist society could function for a few years. But things don't always stay the same. Deterioration would eventually spark. And without any kind of guidance, there will be no reversing it. To believe we're all equal and capable of leading our own lives is foolish. Humans are sheep. We are selfish. We're the lowest of the low. Moral guidance is a lie to help people succeed fairly. In short, it's almost a method of brainwashing.

No offense, but your powers of deduction and observation are a bit rusty. My childhood was lenient. I was an only child with relaxed parents who foisted little to no responsibility on me.

If I could give you a few pointers: Nature over nurture. The content of one's mind isn't an indication of what their lives were like. People are born a certain way and there's not a lot that can change it. The most relevant example is that my political beliefs bear no relevance to my experiences with being guided in life.

I'm trying to retain a small facade here, so I'm not willing to share how my life's a success. My family is middle-class. Both maternally and paternally.

And I'm very happy. I laugh enough to not be sure when I laughed last.

So you're happy? Good for you.
One thing though, if humans are so bad, being guided, controlled by others..doesn't it also deteriorate society? After all, the leaders too, are the 'lowest of the low' Nobody taught me Anarchy, I accepted it. Brainwashing is something that those other guys do, do you see me asking you to accept anarchy? Nope.
This is what Anarchy means-
If you still want to think humans are crap, be my guest, free will. My work here is done. Good luck with your life, stay happy

and one more thing, anarchists know, humans are sheep, but they're the sheep who went the other way. And once you wake up, it's hard to go back to sheep.

Read it. Commented on it. My point is made, as is yours. Neither of us are going to change are minds.

Who's talking about soon? I know it won't be coming anytime soon, the people aren't good enough, and the system is at fault for that. Until the people wake up, Anarchy can't be possible. It needs better humans. Doesn't mean it's wrong to be one. And making existing things better is reactionary. Never gets things done. People aren't gonna change if you make things better, you need to wake 'em up out of apathy before some body else does it for entirely wrong purposes using violence. I do agree with starting all over, but then, doesn't that contradict your own point? You said all governments aren't gonna die, what makes you think they'll start over? Anarchy, when it does start won't start altogether at once, it must grow.
By the way, you're an Anarchist yourself (unless of course what's written on your profile is a lie) ! What, suddenly became a liberal?

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Yup...its all about profit from deception. The USA promotes fairness, equality, safety...bla bla bla....yet the USA runs around the planet murdering innocent people, taking what does not belong to them, and lies on a regular basis to their own. What you don't know is the American Government does not exist anymore. It's the English Royalty that controls the USA, and they have put into office, relatives who obey.
USA citizens are proof that society has been dumbed down. With all that is happening, none of the Americans say, or do anything about it. Suckers! Fools! Idiots. You would not recognize truth or fact unless a TV commercial told you. And then you'd buy it. At any price.
Americans believe they are safe, comfortable, and untouchable. Boy are you guys in for a serious wake up call.
Slaves to your beliefs, ignorant to the truth.

You're either schizophrenic, insanely stupid or an ineffective troll. But believe me, regardless of what your problem is, I sure as hell won't be agreeing with anything you just said. You are almost worthy of my pity.

May God have mercy on your soul.