I Am Not Immune

I am not immune to the perils of a mass culture. Nor am I immune to the damage already done. I live, breath, eat, sleep in, and work at the mistakes(victories) of this world. I am beaten and battered and mentally exhausted at present and fall into fits of depression at the tasks that lie ahead.
But I am resilient. I am resourceful. I am kind. I am fair. I am a lover AND a fighter. I am awake...and I am an anarchist.
But what does that give me? What does anarchism DO for ME?
HA! As if it was what BILLIONS yearn for in their lives: a source of handouts.
No...its a declaration, a mindset, an oath. A way of being without actually being anything but yourself. Being true to yourself and those who have come before you to live in accordance to what they needed, with what was available, and without damage to their kin or future generations.
But I am not immune to the lure of granduer. I am not immune to the next best things. Those who want my life for their own greed have pitfalls in place EVERYWHERE. The whole of the existing culture is built for them. We are not being attacked. We are the occupied. We are the refugees. We are the ANARCHISTS WHO WILL NOT LET OUR WAY OF LIFE BE EXTERMINATED.
But we are not immune. We must be on watch for the programming, the tricks. Its been bred into us. So we must look within and heal and re-wire ourselves.
If your reading this you must have the inborn fight...but you are not immune.
VitharAesir VitharAesir
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 1, 2013

I am a libertarian, only one step away from anarchist. Its sad to think of how big our government has gotten, to the point we are not free anymore. We are pawns in the hands of the massive government that the ignorant have and still support. Its so depressing to see how corrupt we are...