What I Believe

I am an anarcho-communist and I believe in the abolition of the state, private property and capitalism and then in its place common ownership of the means of production, direct democracy and a horizontal network of voluntary associations of workers' councils.

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Direct democracy is just a naive and confused form of statism.

also, i agree on the statement 'Any social construct that requires constant use of force to maintain it is doomed to failure.' which is why i am and Anarchist<br />
government forces what they say is right and wrong upon us

you don't have to be equal in abilities, interests, etc.. for the gift economy to work, it is a system where you give what you can, and take what you need<br />
no theft for if you want something, all you need do is ask; people will have no reason not to perform a service they are capable of in order to receive one they are not capable of...we are not greedy by nature, it is wanting more than what we have that causes the greed, and since services will be exchanged freely, there is nothing we cannot have if we are patient enough for the service to be performed(some services such as creating goods can take time)

it'll never happen...thats not to say its a bad idea though.

why? because too many people cannot afford the stuff of basic life--while others buy things like disposable socks for convenience?