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The last time I admitted to being an Anarchist online I was invited to join an Anarchist organization. I asked who was in charge, was given a name of the leader and his deputies, and I therefore politely declined.

Anarchist Organization is an oxymoron. You can't have an Anarchist leader. Anarchy is about having no government, not about replacing the current one with a bunch of thugs with huge egos. Anarchists may create support groups and study groups, but probably don't need to.

Anarchy is not about violence and mayhem. Quite the opposite in fact. It's about self-responsibility, and interaction with other people in a fair and compromising way to enable everyone to get along.

Yes, it is Utopian.

And we as a species are not ready for it. Some individuals are, yes. But the majority of human beings could not cope without laws and leadership, and removal of any type of government, no matter how corrupt and cruel, would lead to a far worse situation. Ever read Lord of the Flies? You get the idea.

An Anarchist is not a person who refuses to be told what to do, and then behaves badly. That is a sociopath. An Anarchist is a person who can behave without being told to. Behaviour in this sense being co-operation with others. He can play nicely in the sandbox without supervision. He never makes the others in the sandbox cry by taking the sand away they were using, or by pushing their faces into it.

I am an Anarchist. I could, given the opportunity, govern myself, co-operate with others of a like mind, so that we could carry out our lives by mutual agreement without needing a 3rd party to intervene. In my daily life this is actually what occurs much of the time, because I live in the country and follow an attitude of live and let live with my family and neighbours.

But as soon as I leave home I come up against humans who are not Anarchists, even if they hate being governed, they are unable to conduct themselves in a way that allows me to deal with them without outside intervention, such as traffic laws, for example.

My children have been raised to be Anarchists, while still understanding that certain forms of authority are necessary while you are young for safety, and while you are learning true Anarchy. They are unable to live fully as young Anarchists in a school environment due to non-Anarchists such as bullies and ineffective teachers. They know that will be living in a world where the true Anarchist has to tolerate government as a trade-off for protection against non-Anarchists. They cope with all this just fine.

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Great story. I too, am tired of people comparing anarchy to chaos. A fellow teenager once told me she was an anarchist, and I asked her why. She replied "I like the idea of chaos.". I said "That is not anarchy"

Unfortunately there are people who see anarchy as chaos, and there are teenagers who are anarchists to be cool.

This is all analogous to being able to fly. It could be useful, and if everyone could do it, things would be a lot better. No more pollution, no more automobile accidents, etc. But it simply is not possible, nor will it ever be. Having this kind of impossible idealism is dangerous. Some people could function in an anarchist society, yes. But like you put it, most people cannot. And society will never, ever have a majority that knows how to behave. I would bet my life on it.

Finally, someone who knows true Anarchy..thank you.

This is beautiful and eloquent and more people should read this. Im tired of the word Anarchy being assosiated with poser punk rock kids wearing their sisters eyeliner and wrecking things for no reason.

I agree. That is called 'disorganized rebellion', and that is why it is confused with anarchy. A true anarchist has to 'rebel' against the preset norms of 'zombification' that many 'leaders' (a.k.a. oppressive bullies) deploy and employ as church leaders and such, to use fear tactics to manipulate your will.
Government 'leaders' and such are so afraid of losing control over others that they will utilize fear of the misunderstood, ignorance of the masses, to go after those of us who they misinterpret are "trying to challenge their authority (or bullying by badge)".

I guess jinxisdead didn't catch the part where you wrote, "we as a species are not ready for it" I read your story several times. You talk about Anarchy in it's truest, purist form which is beautiful. Many of us do know what is right and what is wrong and that every right is limited by the rights of others. I dream of a world of people who govern themselves. A peaceful place. Please keep writing!!A person "in charge" is the person who will harm you somehow if you don't conform. There's no freedom there.

i must say really make anarchy sound boring ... the truth is much more simple than that ... anarchy , just means no government ... and no government means lots of things to lots of people ... for me it means , in short ... 6 billion people MUST DIE ... i'd tell you how i came to that conclusion ... but if i have to explain it ... you'll never understand ... <br />
we live in a whole new world ... where words like anarchy hold little to no relevance in our day to day life ... why ? because aside of releasing a pathogen , there is NOTHING you can do to free humanity from the fists of tyranny and oppression ...<br />
what you preach is more non-communal communism ... as much as i love that ... you'll get nowhere spewing it ... <br />
you are putting both too much AND not enough faith in humanity ...<br />
#1 the government is people too ...(the worst of the lot) don't rely on them idiots to do anything for anyone other than themselves ... from the dmv to the chp ... from the state capitol to the white house ...we do not need them ...<br />
#2 most of us will kill each other upon the first day of true freedom ...yes ... it is also long overdue ... but the true freedom won't even outlast the first battle ...where as ... the side with the most structure will win , and inevitably govern the land ... people both rule and revolt for the exact same reason ... they want to ...that's all <br />
#3 you think you're an exception to the weaknesses of humankind ... which means you are most likely , even less capable of controlling yourself ... it's very easy to keep yourself from doing something that you have no desire to do ... yes i want anarchy ... yes i want to do bad things ... and the fact that you would even use the word sociopath means you are not now nor ever will be a true advocate of anarchy <br />
please leave all that hippie crap where it belongs ... in the guru-garbage

I completely agree.<br />
I tend to laugh at those kids who refuse to follow rules<br />
"because they're an anarchist."<br />
<br />
There's definitely a warped idea that being an anarchist<br />
means being antagonistic,<br />
when really we just want everyone to get along :]

Decades of compulsive writing are starting to pay off:) I may get published yet!

No, I'll seek her out, thanks!

Great thoughts Chovhani. Anarchy is a very interesting philosophy... I lean more towards libertarianism because I like supply and demand...and medicine.<br />
But really there should be a place were true anarchists can live, even if only for awhile.

That pretty much sums it up. We can work towards a better world, while accepting a fatalist attitude towards it.

The idea is to create the boundaries using mutual consent and agreement. Some people can do that. They can share a residence for example, without constant territorial or property issues. The only reason we need laws is because people can't control themselves. If nobody ever stole anything, there's be no need for laws against theft, right? And so on. In fact, laws create crime, by definition. Law is a phase we have to pass through while we learn to behave. This is why children need authority. But an adult could, in theory, cope without laws. Unfortunately most people can't.