Why Am I Androgynous??

i am not a lier, so i wont say that i appreciate being an adrogyne, nor do i hate it. but as i am a female, i always wished to have a look that prove it... i have knee-lenght straight hair, this should be proof that i am female, but still, when i go in the city, i was asked a lot of time by childrens who does not know it is impolite ''are you female or male?'' and i know lots of people around me who wonders too.mentally, my reactions are female, but it seems my body looks like it could be either.i was approached by straight girls and gay male, who thought i was male and also by lesbian girls, who guessed it right (girl). i dont know if i should be proud or not of this,as i am asked very often if i am straight or not and if i have ''both'' sex. if you think you can say something interesting about being proud of being an adrogyne or something that could change my way of thinking, please go ahead! i would edit this post if my way of thinking finnally become clearer. thank you.
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Speaking from personal experience, androgyny is yes a way of looking or dressing, for me however it has become much deeper then that, it is a blending of masculine and feminine traits and knowing when to call upon either of them or a mix of them at will. People get so caught up in labels and its hard because sometimes the labels are so black and white. Thats why those of us who do not adhere to those labels must find, embrace and exhibit the gray.

thank you! your comment is apprecied.