So, I am becoming more comfortable with the label I've chosen and am feeling more comfortable with the mind set. I am an androgynous, I am in the middle. I don't have to be one gender or the other. I can be me. It wasn't a hard decision as I became uncomfortable with most of the other labels I identified with. I spent entirely to much time and effort trying to fit the criteria of a cross dresser, a transvestite, a M-F transgender, a non-op and all the rest.

I wear what I want, a mix of men's and women's clothing that I choose because it appeals to me not because it is in the mens department. I can wear jewelry in my ears and on my wrist. I can wear a skirt and feel comfortable. I can express my moods and feelings with clothes.

Since I have accepted this label it is as a calm and peace has come over me .My self confidence has increased. And with my confidence I have found more acceptance and tolerance among my wife, family, 2 sons, friends and co workers.

It is liberating to not have to hide anything.

I have MS and have been considering some alternative treatments. The opportunity to experience a Reiki session recently presented itself. The healer,Linda, is about my age. We chatted beforehand and got to know one another a little better then went into the treatment room and she began. Reiki is a Japanese way of releasing blocks, both physical and mental in the body. There is very little touching involved. The healers hands are moved a few inches away from the body. During the session, Linda told me to focus on my heart and placed her hand there. I was wearing a bra. She never flinched. I did a little regression therapy and had an emotional release and I felt good when it was over, so I may try it again. It was so nice not having to worry about being "discovered" I so wish I had reached the place I am years ago. But no regrets, I'm much happier now and my expectations tempered.

bombi bombi
Feb 7, 2010