Shattered Memories Under The Mask

When i was a child in year 3 i slipped off the slide at the school playground and broke my wrist.

They rolled me in and put the mask on, i was a little nervous because i was still a child and this was my first time having an operation. The nurses were telling me everything was going to be okay and i got to play with a teddy bear just before i went in.

My vision faded but then suddenly my vision saw fire and lava all around me and i was standing on top of a pillar of rock above this hellish landscape, i was very scared and then this swirling ball of green fire flew towards me, i felt like it slammed into me with the force of a truck and sent me falling into the lava.

With a jolt i awoke that instant and i could see all the doctors faces staring down at me but my vision was shattered it was like looking at many people but not the complete picture as if my eyes were glass that had been cracked. They were telling me to calm down, holding me down onto the table because i jerked my body up, the mask was being held down onto my face it hurt. I felt absolute terror, like i was dying.

The faces got darker and darker and i felt my body twist like everything was twisting into complete blackness. Then Black. I awoke later in the recovery room. I have never forgotten what i saw and the terror i felt.

My mum said the doctors said i was a strong boy, I wonder why.

I don't think i got PTSD from it but it will stick with me for the rest of my life.
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

It does, PTSD or no. Sorry for what you went through! Welcome to my group though. *hugs!!*

To me, you did go through a form of Awareness. I was thinking about the stories of other survivors, and about articles I've read online concerning anesthesia/anesthesia awareness. What you went through sounds  like the "induction" phase of anesthesia, and based on what I've read by others, it sounds awful. Someone called it " falling into Dantes' Seventh circle of hell."
  I know of other survivors who were kids when it happened, and it's made some sort of lasting impact on them too.  If you ever want to talk about it, inbox me, k?

Hi this sounds like the induction experience I had when I had gas between 6 yrs old and 10. I'd love to talk more about if you have other experiences to share

I have many experiences. :-)