Self Aware...

I started this life like any other, FREE! Then learned the pain, anger and frustration of others and let it pull me into hell.

I believe everyone lives in their own state of hell not aware, that the choice is theirs, you are the main character of your story, your life is yours to do what you will. Let others influence only good, whatever makes you FEEL good thats the path to love and light!

I lived in a hell that was my own, angry, bitter, and extremely powerful!! I have been on this earth for a very long time and therefore have a great power over others, I am extremely intuitive and multidimentional when it comes to a feeling, an emotion.. Thats what made my hell so powerful, I believe that 95% of the people on this planet are unaware of their own control, of how easy it is to change your story, to make your hell a heaven. We can't change the dream of society yet but we can deffinately live how ever we want and the more we accept love the more we recieve love.

The Secret had valid points however, it wasnt clear on how to manifest properly. If you let love into your life and you choose how your life story will unfold with love and FEELING, (dont question yourself) try to loose the rationalization of your mind and go with what you FEEL! You will see the story of your dreams unfold right before your eyes.

You cannot change the world right away, there will always be obstacles it is your choice to react to these obstacles with love or hate etc.. When we LOVE we release Oxytocin a natural drug made by our body to enhance our FEELING, oxytocin is a natural antidepressant, so who doesnt want to FEEL good all the time?

I find people are so used to FEELING bad that they have accepted this fate, we the aware, need to help change this, we are all one which means we cannot function fully or properly when most of us are brainwashed into hell.

I joined this site to try and find more people who KNOW the truth, I want to help make a change and the more people LOVE the better LIFE will be!

dsgame dsgame
31-35, F
Feb 26, 2010