Angels -v- Humans

One scholar said :

God created angels with reasons and no desires, animals with desires and no reason, and man with both reason and desires. If a man's reason is stronger than his desire he is like  an angel, and if his desires are stronger than his reason, then he is like an animal.

A little baby has only the desire for food when he needs it, and his patience is like the patience of animals. Until he reaches an age when he can tell what is what., he has no choice. When he grows a little older and develops a desire to play, then his patience by choice will develop. He will start to know what patience means when his sexual desire develops. At the same time, his power of reasoning is also developing, but between the age when he can't tell the right from wrong and the age of puberty, all he can see is his own interests in this world, and what might make life good or bad. This limited view will remain until he is fully grown up., then he will have the full picture and begin to think of his interests both in this life and hereafter (this is if he become believer) . He will become aware of where different actions may lead. and will prepare himself for long struggle with his desires and natural inclination.
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I'd rather be near angel status than animal status.