I Am The Angel Of The White Flame Of Destruction

part of my memories are locked away so i will tell u what i remember, first, i am the angel of the white flame of destruction, i am unique in that god created me from pure nothingness. i had an angel who raised me like a mother but i cannot remember her name, i cant even remember my own true name. i was taught by michael. i grew up with many childhood friends including azakael who acted as my shadow and uriel who was my friend and rival, i was one of the most powerful angels and respected by many. i was a swordmaster and i wielded a bladed with four spikes on the handguard. i also wield the power to make white flames appear that took what they touched out of existence. i have been watching man from another plain of existence and this is my first time on earth
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So, this your first time on earth. I too would like to know what ray and what group did you belong too. Ever try looking one up to see where you fit in? It's worth the time, the internet is a good source, that's how I found mines.
---Greetings, from a fellow angel---

What is the white flame if you don't mind me asking? Thanks.

this is to both of you... first my pleassure to find a place like this were we can meet, now its normal you cant remember your name or maybe many of the heavenly things and thats for a purpose, but in fact you are angels, we are many here, now since this is happening you must look deep into you, you have a source withing you which would guide you to your dominium, and what archangel and ray you belong too....you are here for a mission, you are here for an assigment and ypu must believe it in it

Interesting story...good luck getting the rest of your memories back