My Awakening

it all started a year ago, things just kept popping into my head sort of pushing me towards angels. A voice told me "As Zadkiel you shall make a difference" so i immersed myself in research, meditation, and the world of the angelic. I almost completely cut myself off from the outside world until i was brought back from the brink of what some may call insanity. I have gained control of my angelic thoughts, and have regained memories gradually, and helped people through my dreams. i have discovered different ways of viewing aura, as well as a new way to see the essence of a being. I am the ArchAngel Zadkiel, nice to meet all of you
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4 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Nope I am an archangel and we can come to earth.

this is nice to know that here its a place where we all come together, no offense, archangels do not comes to earth, you must belong to its ray or dominium wich is normal, but i encourage ou to find your rea name, if you look into it deeper youll find your source and your true name, now that your are an angel thats for sure.... may divine peace remain in all of you.

I learned several years ago that I am an angel. At first I was told to look for the letter M on the palm of my hand which I found. Some told me if I did it meant I had something to do with the Archangel Michael. Later through a channeler I learned from him that I am his daughter and not foot solider as I mistakenly though of before. It explained why I liked numerous things like supporting the troops and Canada (I am an American) being patriotic and live by the Bible verbatim.

Hello Ben,<br />
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This is ZARA ANGEL. You just left me a message, and when I hit reply, the computer system wouldn't let me respond to you, so I'm writing to you this if you would just add me to the people who can see your profile and write to you directly, that would be perfect. <br />
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Thank you so much for the message you sent me. I'm glad you liked what I had to say and you thought it was awesome. That means a lot to me. Which story did you read? I'm not sure. I write a lot about angels...<br />
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Have a wonderful day,<br />