I Remember

I told a friend I am an angel.

"Do you remember God?"

"I remember love."

I can feel its absence now. For almost nineteen years now, I have felt its absence. I feel nothing of home... I miss those times, when my skin bathed in the warmth of sunlight... not the cold light of a computer screen. We all hide behind these screens... But who are we for real? What are we? Humans? Angels? Who can tell? No one... the reason why so many "makebeliefs" speak on our behalf. Perhaps I am... mentally disturbed myself. That's what you think. I don't doubt my sanity. But then again, what madman does?

You are not among my readers, yet you know what I write... I remember you. I came here for you. I remember your love as much as I remember our Father's. Always different. You had a choice, I will never forgive your choosing wrong over right... but angels forgive, right? It is such a quiet thing, to fall... I have been falling for centuries. Are you proud? Of what I am? Of what you are? Of what has become of Father's favorite toys? Of the consequences of your choice?

Do you remember me?
Alexiel Alexiel
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 6, 2010

Beieve it or not that reminds me of something beautiful of something devine, you are not alone and you are not insane.