Born To Be A Brit

Over the past few years I have become more and more fascinated by British culture. The accents (in particular), and what is known as British English. I have always felt like I should have been born in England, as all my natural manner and speech has always been similar to British. As an American, I'm not supposed to care about other countries, or even be remotely interested in them. But the more I learn about England, the more I love the idea of moving from the U.S. to live there. The cultural diversity in London is also a huge seller for me. Knowing as a black man I could leave from the U.S. and live in a country just as diverse but also has so much history and culture is a huge draw. I can't wait to vist places like London and Manchester.
DamienYork DamienYork
2 Responses Sep 5, 2012

...visit ur namesake, up North - u will like it...

I definitely will, thanks. Yorkshire sounds lovely from what I've read

I've long wanted to visit England, Damien, but am not sure that will ever come to pass. If...when you make your visit, please pop back in EP and leave a bit of your memories with us.

I will, as I am determined that I will live in the UK. It won;t be easy to get there, but it will be rewarding when I do.