How I Became A Young Animal Activist

I'll try to keep it short, but this is the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me, and it spans about two years. Sorry if its too long for you.
On November 9th, 2010, a kid at my school ran up to me and told me about an injured baby bird in the backyard. Yeah, yeah, I know. Its the classic *broken wing case*, everybody has one. But it changed my life forever. I had many rescue animals, but I'd never truly rescued one myself. This was the perfect opportunity to show how much I loved them. So, after school ended, I went to collect my bird - who I discovered to be a pigeon - named him November, and ran home. My mom was also an animal lover, so she let me keep him. I deemed him 'unfit for release', being the selfish 11 year old I was, and kept him. Not long after, I got my second pigeon; Scourge. She had a terrible, terrible disease that left her unable to do anything on her own. Walk, balance, fly, eat, drink - I did it all for her. The disease is known as PMV. She didn't make it, but the day before she died, I promised her something; I'd never hurt an animal again. And I became vegetarian. After, I got a pigeon with a broken wing, Tundra, and after that, I met probably the most important pigeon I'll ever see; Tripp. His feet were tied together with string, and I didn't know then, but loads of pigeons are living that horror every day. Their feet are wrapped in string, which slowly cuts off circulation to the point of ripping off their toes, one at a time. They literally rot alive, you can smell it when you capture them. I chased the bird for two months until I caught him, only to find that the string had tightened so much that it broke the skin, veins, and meat, and dug all the way to his bone. I was horrified, but I managed to cut it out, and he only lost one toe. An animal rights activist discovered me over Facebook and invited me to an animal rights conference in D.C.. I was so amazed with what I saw there... Since then, I've saved 150 pigeons and gone vegan, and it all started with that one little bird, who turned out to have the most beautiful heart.
R.I.P. November, Tundra, Tyson, Clove, Aries, Vesper, Vesper 3, Bliss, Maid, Atna, Atna 2, Baby, Baby 2, Rush, Rush 2, Rush 4, Crisis, and all my other brave, fantastic pigeons.
I dedicate this 'story' to the lovely Tenor, the only survivor of when my neighbour poisoned my rescue birds.
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Great story, and good job rescuing all those birds!

Thanks for sharing your story and for your compassion for animals. I hope you reported this neighbor that poisoned your birds to the police. If you need help, contact an animal rights group TODAY like PETA or others for support. All the best, Barbara