Dog Steals Towel!!!!

When i was a little, little girl i was with my dad and he was giving me and my brother a bath. Three weeks before we had gotten a little Labrador mix puppy and she was still getting used to not bite at things and making them fall. Well, she came into the bathroom right when we drying off. Unfortunately, my towel was the kind that went over your or the kind that has the hood i am not sure. Anyway, my brother had a regular towel on and she went over to him, sat down, and looked at him with her little puppy ears all perked up. She waited a few minutes and then she made her move. She grabed that towel like it was puppy chew toy. She made butt naked and made him fall to the ground. It was so funny even though i don't really remember it, but my parents told me that story and tell to all my friends all the time.
doggielover45 doggielover45
13-15, F
Jul 10, 2010