Rip Loki :(

I absolutely LOVE having animals. They are the best company you can have. The one thing I don't like about having them, is losing them. I have two dogs who are without a doubt part of my family and always will be, Missy and Loki. Missy is a Boston Terrier, and Loki was a little freckled mix of a bunch of things, we aren't sure what because we adopted him from a shelter. Well Loki has a tendency to be a bit of an escape artist, and we live in the country, so we typically just yell his name out the front door when he gets out, and he comes back from his roam. This Sunday it was night time, and we let the dogs out before we put them to bed. Missy came in through the back door but, not much to our suprise, Loki didn't. Missy was anxious and kept going from backdoor, to my mom, to front door and back. After a while after she called for him, my mom and dad went looking for him. I was laying in bed when I heard them come back in, and I immediatly called my mom to see if she found him. I knew what was wrong the minute she came into my room, even though the lights where off and I couldn't see her face. They found poor Loki right outside our house in the road, dead. We all were devastated (including Missy, who spends most of her time outside walking around the yard looking for him). He was such a sweetie, and I urge everyone to love your pets with all your heart, because it will hurt like nothing you could imagine when they are gone.
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I'm very sorry for your loss, I know what you mean, I lost my cat 'Baggins' several years ago.
Did you name Loki after the Pagan Norse God?

I'm sorry for your loss as well. We didn't name him, the shelter did, but we kept the name because we liked it so much, although it wasn't very fitting because he wasn't very mischievous.

A, ha, So you know that Loki was the joker amongst the Norse god's?

Of course! That's common knowledge lol or it should be.