My Babies

I have 7 cats and a leopard gecko....

My leopard gecko, Clyde, is an awesome little guy. He has been through quite a bit in his short time on this earth (although we aren't sure of his exact age, we believe he's about 2 years old). For most of his life, he had a mate. I got both of them together since they were a mated pair. I named them Bonnie and Clyde lol. But before they came here, they had a very grim life. This life started out with a breeder, who cared nothing about them at all, except the money he made off of them. He knowinly and willfully sold them to a couple who had no idea how to care for them. A few weeks went by, and the people who had them soon realized they were not being cared for properly, and decided to sell them to someone who knew how to care for them. That someone ended up being me. I went out that day and got them properly set up (they were using a plastic tub as a tank, and no heat lamp.) and they were both doing great. They had one batch of eggs that the femal laid while she was alive. This past september, however, she died. She was shedding, which all but blinds the reptile, and she tried to climb off the top of her hiding spot, misguessed her step, fell and broke her neck. I take comfort in the fact that death came instantly to her, so she did not suffer. Clyde is still with us and doing well despite all he's been through. He is extremely friendly and actively seeks out human interaction, despite the conditions of his early life.

Then there are the first two cats I got, Buddy and Rocky. They actually came before Clyde did. At the time, I had no pets. I was originally intending to adopt only one cat, but these two were brothers from the same litter, so I decided they would probably do better being kept together. They were six months old at the time. They were born in the shelter, since their mom had been taken in as a stray while she was pregnant. They were then placed in a foster home, then adopted from a woman, who gave them to me when she could no longer care for them. Buddy is a little wild child, and is the alpha male of my group of cats.

The alpha female is Lacuna. Before coming here, Lacuna was a stray. I found her outside. She came directly up to me so I know she had an owner at some point in the past, or at least someone who fed her. But I also know that was no time recently because she was extremely skinny, like she hadn't eaten in ages. She was also pregnant, so her weight was even more of an issue. I decided I couldn't let her starve to death on the streets and took her in.

A little over a month later, she gave birth to four kittens. Two boys, two girls. By law, the kittens have to stay with their mother for at least 8 weeks after their birth. By that time, me and my husband had gotten incurably attached to all four, so we kept them all. They are now almost 3 months old. Goliath is the biggest and most dominant of the kittens. He is a wild child and loves to play, but he's shy with new people. Then there's Pax, the bigget femal, and a total cuddlebug. It is not often that she can't be found on someone's lap, purring up a storm. Then there's Sparta, whom I named for his constant desire to wrestle with someone or something. Finally, the runt of the litter, Tails. She is a sweetheart and enjoys people, but is also very mischievious and like to shake things up a bit.

That is the story of all my babies.
ladyzantorian ladyzantorian
18-21, F
Jan 30, 2012