I haven't had a pet in over 20 years because of the heartbreak I suffered when my dog died. Two years ago, my then 15 year old daughter begged and begged for a dog. She gave me all of the usual promises of taking care of him, but needless to say, teenage life soon took the front seat in her life. Peppers had already carved a huge hole in my heart and was officially my Grand-dog! All of a sudden, one day he decided to pick up the horrible habit of car chasing. We had to adjust to this but since he was a true country dog, he loved to run free. As an avid gardener, I have several flower beds in my yard and the bunny rabbits have made a feast out of a few of my flowers. Since I am an animal lover, I researched the best way to repel them without causing harm to them. Last evening, my grandson and I were out spraying garlic juice and Peppers eased his way out the door. Since we were in the backyard, away from the road, and Pepper's attention was focused on the groundhogs that had escaped his reach by retreating to a high field, I made the bad decision of letting him stay out there with us un-leashed because it was only going to take a minute or two and then it was grandson's bath time. On the way back to the house, my neighbor who was unaware that Peppers was un-leashed, left out and Peppers got hit. Shocked and devastated, I gently picked him up and headed to the Emergency Vet Center which is about 45 minutes away (only took me 15 minutes). He was examined and admitted due to a broken pelvis and some internal bruising. My whole family is a mess right now. I have one ultra-animal loving friend like myself and she came and stayed with me at the Emergency Vet until they got Peppers stable and comfortable and then helped me to actually leave him there (without camping out in the lobby). We have our morning routine which usually starts around 7am with our walk and the tour of the yard to check for any bunny midnight snacking. I haven't even been able to step outside on the porch this morning. I pick him up from the hospital at 4pm today and it seems like the time is moving so slowly. I don't want to talk about it with anyone that's not as big of an animal lover as I am because if they were to say the wrong thing, I might say some things that are not very nice. I had to express this somehow and I'm glad I found this group. With the understanding that there are several things going on in the world that would take precedence over my Peppers, I still hope that he will be ok.
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i am sat here crying my eyes out at your story my heart truly goes out to you. i have two dogs mazie and mitz i love them with all of my heart but have just been offered a job working abroad on and off for the next six mths and do not have anyone to take care of my babies as well as me and its breaking my heart so my heart knows how your feeling xx big hugxx