I love a animals and I refuse to kill any living thing unless it is endangering my life.
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You totally need to get involved with your local shelters and rescues then cause guess what your tax dollars will eventually go towards....

Looks like you like cats. They are often the first to go :(

Oh I will once I can, and I love all animals!πŸ˜„

And I think it's most often Pitt bulls that go first, everyone has such bad thoughts about them because they don't really know how great they can be.

You have no idea. Kitten season is bad news bears. Even where I live (where the municipal shelters are following no-kill to the best of their abilities) cats don't have a chance. Kittens are put down by the box. They try to treat them and send them to foster homes but there is only so much people can take.
Where we're moving, its the opposite. Most people shoot stray dogs so the shelters are able to use more resources on cats :( We're hoping to foster emergency cages (recovering from surgery, for example.)

If you foster, try not to be like us. We try our hardest but usually end up attempting to keep the sickest fosters. Sadly ours were VERY sick. We stopped fostering when a death was blamed on us (when really they gave us a bottle baby and didn't tell us) so we are on hiatus. All of our current animals have at least one physical deformity lol.

That's sad, so many animals are killed by shelters because there isn't enough room for them, if only animal haters would reach out to help instead if refusing to do anything about it.

The no-kill way sees this as a community problem, not just a shelter problem. If more people thought of it that way then...you know...things happen. The leading shelter here was notorious for putting animals down. They have such a large area they cover, its no wonder. And its a fairly tiny shelter with about 10 dog runs. Now they're only putting down animals that absolutely need it (come in dying or animals deemed too dangerous to adopt out.) We have a few pit bull rescues here and one works directly with that shelter now. They also help find housing for people with pitties.
Community...its all it takes.

I agree, a lot shelters just do what they must, if only other people would help out more often, donating money so that more shelters can expand and have more room for animals instead of putting them down. A lot of shelters don't do that but those that do usually just need some extra help to obtain more room and medical supplies.

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