I love both cats and dogs for different reasons.
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I have two cats

Im a dog person....the pic is my baby..he a softy...but a cat is worth his weight in gold round the house...

it would be weird if the reasons were the same as they are completely different animals :) I also have both, dogs and cats

Of course. There are times when I feel like I need the company of one versus the other. Right now I have only a dog, but feel like something's missing.

my cats have always been more hardy then any of the dogs vie owned in my life

I love dogs because they love their owners unconditionally. In fact they love most people unconditionally, except for in certain cases that involve some type of neglect or abuse. Dogs want to please their owners and enjoy socializing. Cats are totally different. They aren't about making their owners happy. They could care less! They are better left alone or by themselves; they don't need humans to feel good about themselves! I love both species because of these differences

cats are amazing its some owners don't understand some of their cats my cats bring my prizes like blue jays and dead baby squirrels because they feel I suck at hunting and never hunt. so they bring them and leave the around my patio steps. dogs are also good but apart from loving everyone that's a misconception dogs have to be taking care of. some also pick up peoples fear and may attack or bite a person where a cat would avoid.

That's very true! Love your story :)