I'm inlove with animals i have 7 cats 2 fish 2 hamsters a parrot and i had a pup but he passed
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I have 2 birds, 6 outside dogs, 5 house dogs, and 5 cats. Plus a fish tank

Could you somehow answer my recent question? Or offer advice?

Please tell me your question and I can answer it soon I hope

Well... We have had eight dogs that didn't work out. I also work with horses but my dad doesn't want any more dogs. However I would rather have a dog than a horse and I don't know what to say. Lol, I know you said you love animals, you never said you loved people but maybe you can help?

Yes I can try

Praise him and when his is most happy ask for a dog and say you will take care of all the responsibilities try that and tell me if it works out

I could let you know... I suppose, if it works out... I will try but it might be a while.

That's fine I hope it works

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I love cats and horses I saved a preagnat dog from dieing in school at the age of seven people were throwing rocks and mangoes at her