I found a baby duck yesterday on the highway ! Took him home him a bath and fed him. I named him Sebastian 💙
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Masha allah .. Soooo cute

Aww!! It's so cute!!!

thank u for saving him/her

Good work, stay blessed

So cute :3

Good for you! I hope that he eventually returns to the wild. As tempting as it is to keep wild animals as pets, it's not what's best for them.

I found a young one too once and took him to wildlife center where they had other baby ducks in a pool about the same age.

They said sometimes the strangers are not accepted but we'll see so i watched as he jumped into the pool on his own with tiny wings flapping all excited but they all scattered away from him and left him alone. Then after a while they all came around him slowly and greeted him and he was "in".

Wish humans were that accepting.

I called and there is a veterinarian who has her own duck farm. She said I can stop by and see it and if I want I can give him to her. I will also look into wildlife centers though. And that is adorable 💙 I wish we were that accepting.

Yeah wherever legit place you take him make sure you watch him join the group its really cute.

nice name for a duck. Are you sure he's not a she?

I'm pretty sure Sebastian is a boy. My sister is a veterinarian (still in school actually). I'm taking him to see her tomorrow to be certain. And to make sure he is okay.