Until There Are None... Rescue One


While visiting a friend in February 2004 I noticed four thin, scared cats at the edge of the woods. I couldn’t ignore them, they obviously needed help, so I did the right thing— I fed them. Feeding quickly became a daily routine. Didn’t know where they were staying so I provided them with a shelter. In March I was able to get one to a vet, and she was diagnosed as “very pregnant.” Apparently, she wasn’t the only one. In just six weeks those four stray cats had become seventeen. By June I had called every shelter in the phonebook, distributed posters, asked everyone I knew if they wanted kittens, paid some rather expensive vet bills—and I still had 11 homeless, unaltered cats.


  One evening while surrounded by these beautiful creatures, I was overcome by anger, desperation, and panic. I literally dropped to the ground in tears: angry because someone had abandoned those cats; desperate because they were counting on me and I had made a commitment to them as soon as I chose to feed them; panicked because I was running out of resources as quickly as I was running out of time. If I didn’t do something soon I’d have a hundred more kittens that no one wanted.


A few days later I picked up a newsletter at PetSmart. The headline read CNYCC Works with Community Partners to Find Homes for Kitties; printed on the back was NEED ADVICE? Call 289-CA TS. I dialed the phone right then, right there. What a relief to finallyfind people who would help me help the cats. That stray cat crisis became a story with a happy ending. Took a while but I got all of them spayed and neutered, found homes for most of the kittens, and those that remain at the sight are still cared for and eating well, I see to that. Never considered myself a “cat person” but I have rescued, fostered and found homes for many more since then, cried at the loss of some and find there are those that I just can’t part with.   
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Seems as if you became a provider for a feral cat colony. My wife and I got started the same way. We joined others in the community in a trap/ spay-neuter/ return program. Over the years the number of stray and ferals have declined, but there are still ignorant people who abandon or dump animals they no longer want. Thank you for helping in a situation most people would ignore.

Good for you and doing that for the cats, i wish there were more people like you. great job !!