The only thing that keeps me happy is volunteering at our dog shelter. Nothing else in this world makes me happy except when I am around our 220 dogs at the shelter.

They love you unconditionally, they do not care if you smell bad, look bad, they do not care if you are physically or mentally disabled. They love you regardless. And the best feeling in the world is when I walk up that road to reach the shelter and the dogs just come running to give me a hug or walk with me, I feel safe, I feel happy, I forget everything that might be adding stress to my life.

I have been rescuing dogs since 2005, and ever since my first rescue I have made it my duty to help animals because in this country people do not care about anyone or anything but themselves.

When we save a severe case of abuse and we see the dog get better with time, it feels so great to know that you were a part of saving this dogs life.

No animal deserves to suffer, if an animal is aggressive it is because humans made him/her that way.

My animals are all I have in my life that keep me going everyday.

We are a no-kill shelter which makes it all the more wonderful, because most of these dogs will never be adopted due to the fact that they have disabilities, and I love them all so much.

One day, i know this will sound crazy, I am going to live in our dog shelter.



TilouPouline TilouPouline
22-25, F
Jan 5, 2009