Blue Heron

I'm new to this,so I'm not sure about what my writing prompt is: I am an animal rights activist"?? I saw someone on my way home from work, taking a shot at a blue heron. I am a person that generally is "real good" at minding my own business, BUT, felt compelled to stop, hope I didn't get shot, and ask "what the "f" are you doing? Anyway, to make a very long story short, he took off. My friend when I told her what had happened on the way home, asked me "what were you thinking, you could have been injured or killed!" I  told her that since I was a small child, that I felt that it was my responsabilty, obligation and for lack of a better word, my duty to stand in for and defend those of our animal friends that may not be capable of defending themselve. That's me. Anyone can feel free to mail me at  Thanks! Oh. just read share where this experience happened? Union Bar road Hope British Columbia.

tomrandal tomrandal
51-55, M
Sep 3, 2009