I Know I Am Half Cat

I know it! I act like a cat everyday. I don't eat cat food though. I am very flexible. When I talk (make cat sounds) to my cats they respond and I think sometimes I can understand them. No one believes it though. So I've kept it to myself. I always dream of being a cat. And I always feel like I have ears and a tail. I'm a very quiet person. But all day long I just want to be a cat. I like dogs. Not much. But I'm able to handle them. I'm VERY lazy, and sleep most of the day (when I get home from school). I can chase animals, sure I'll scare them if I get too close, but I can get with in 4 feet of so. I say when I die I want to be remade into a cat. I know I was meant to be a cat. but I know I AM half cat.
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13-15, F
1 Response May 19, 2012

that is EXACTLY what I feel!! EXACTLY!!!!