Varying Food Intake

Hey :) I'm a 15 year old boy which have had problems with the way I see myself and have been having a really varying food intake.. So this is my story :) It all started when I was about 11 years old were I got bullied for being a bit chubby, which I don't think I really were. It all started pretty innocent with just refusing to eat lunch and the two days before I were having swimming lessons at school..

Ever since then I've been kind of on and off when it comes to skipping meals and stuff.
One and a half year ago I started starving myself for real. I didn't feel really fat or anything, but I wanted to be different from other people and wanted to be thin. Somehow as I lost weight I kind of wanted to do loose more and at one point I started consuming lots of food without control which I just had to get out if you know what I mean..

I've been really depressed since summer 2011 because of my grandma died and was because of that admitted to some sort of a treatment center for depression were they told me I had to eat more and stuff.. At the start I refused but everybody around me started to comment on how disgustingly thin I were so I kind of let myself eat about three months ago because not one person liked how I looked. I were never diagnosed with Anorexia and I don't think I really had it, but some sort of eating disorder I think I must have had.. Anyways.. These last three months I've been eating LOTS of food and I'm starting to feel fat..
I don't seem to be able to eat any healthy food, so it's only junk-food and sweets for me and no matter what I do I either eat lots of food or nothing so I don't really know what to do at the moment. What ever I do I fail at. I've also been having trouble training lately. My whole body hurts and my vision fails.. I can't do easy things as sit-ups anymore and my belly is growing bigger.

I'm 5'11 and 144 pounds at the moment. My lowest weight is 132 pounds and my highest is 150 pounds.
lillygome lillygome
13-15, M
Jan 13, 2013