Radical Feminism Has Given Feminist A Bad Bad Name

Let me put this straight fellas, and ladies. All the symptoms that anti-feminists complain about - its all reminiscent of the "radical feminist" theories. However, this does not do real feminism any justice what soever. 

-Radical feminism (the crazy irate man haters) are a bunch of upperclass PHD writing rich girls who hide from the real world, meanwhile women are still uneducated living in poverty, they think they're awesome calling themselves "WOMYN"

Real feminism means portraying women as REAL women in magazines, not constantly aspiring housewives in stupid films that unrealistically factor in huuuuge career success that kind of **** is only for celebrities who can afford nannies. 

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Bored by life, I guess there is a reason you chose that handle. You have no idea what you are talking about. Your quite young, and very ignorant. If it wasn't for the feminist movement oh so many years ago, you would NOT have the freedom and choices that you have now. Your only option would be to be a non paid household slave to some man and many kids, or be ostracized by society. Women who aren't feminist need to wake up. Don't you want to be treated equally, rather than second class citizens who are only good for sex? We live in a PATRIARCHY, darling. They want to take away our rights to birth control, as well as our reproductive rights! Did you know this. Do some research on feminism and why we need it as women, and get back to me if you dare!

In any group, there is a small segment that goes way overboard. Then their enemies point to that small group as if they represented everybody. Real feminism is about a woman having the same right to make decisions about her life as a man does. Has the movement made mistakes, like under valuing home makers, yes. But name one movement that's never been wrong.

** Qualified feminsm. ("moderate feminism" "ifeminism" NAFALT "feminist but.." etc.) **

Here I address those who want to use the feminist label for meaning something good, often re-defining feminism in the process to something like "radical feminism" even though hardly anyone self-identifies as a radical feminist - they just call themselves a feminist.


Why portray the 'real' woman?<br />
Men always talk about Einstein and Newton to prove they are smart.<br />
Are great physicists the 'real' guy?<br />
Not to my knowledge.

That....is not what radical feminism is. at all. <br />
I'm a radical feminist, and last I check, I'm none of the above you just stereotyped as the definition.<br />
<br />
Radical feminism is about dismantling the patriarchy, which is a system of power which places men at the advantage but because it's a very old system, it's not directly run by any gender, it's perpetuated. Men, women and intersex are all sucked into this system. Dismantling it doesn't just help women and intersex, it helps men. <br />
<br />
Personally, I strongly believe that without men in feminism, we all miss the equality mark. I believe that while women experience a large amount of oppression, I believe that men experience a backlash of that oppression. <br />
<br />
Sorry to disappoint, I realize you expect a raging, angry, man hater bent on female supremacy. But that's not what feminism is, that isn't equality. I am genuinely sorry that you all have experienced hurt at the hands of angry women who happen to have identifies as feminists, or more specifically, radical feminists.

I can understand you defending feminism. I can't understand you defending radical feminism. To most of us there can be no logical justification for either. But radical feminism is scorned by most everyone including average feminist. What we want is a return to patriarchy. We have many men and women who agree with us. We want feminism To be nothing more than a sad page in history. And a constant reminder to be watchful of groups that say "we represent peace and equality" but do the opposite.

Feminism and Radical feminism is what it is. How individual feminists and radical feminists portray it is something else entirely. Sadly, there aren't enough understanding, open minded, educated feminists. However, condemning them isn't a solution, it's just more conflict.
I agree that there are group that say " 'we represent peace and equality' but do the opposite."
As a feminist and as an agent for change, for me to consider joining a real life group, for one they would have to understand and know what an "agent for change" is. Secondly, they cannot hold the belief of "representing peace and equality," because one can only create change and promote it through example.
I'm not understand why you would want the patriarchy, even as a man. Could you explain why you feel you want the patriarchy to continue?

@runner You have never showed any understanding when feminists defend and part of feminism.

When you promote patriarchy what your really saying is: What we want is to devolve humanity and force women back into servitude and submission simply because they are female. We want to promote a construct of society that devalues half of the population and religates them to having no real choice, no protection under the law, and no say in the society in which they live.

We are threatened by women and the choices they might make because we feel insecure about our power over them and our ego is so fragile that every woman with a voice threatens it. We feel our penis entitles us to domiance over all living creatures. We can't let women choose a life that makes them happy because we don't care about what women want, were far too self involved and righteous for that. We don't believe in free speech or civil liberties. We believe oppression will make the world a better place.

Or she's worn out from being forced to work inside the home, cleaning the house all day, cooking, making babies, and all those other things that some men consider "women's work". If my husband loved and respected me, he would want for me to pursue my dreams, regardless of what the historical gender roles would dictate.

I agree spacebear. In my first marriage I was just a housewife and mommy who was married to a man who had a 9 to 5 job and then would come home, expect dinner to be ready, the house to be clean, the children not to bother him, and me to want sex with him whenever he wanted it. He often would come home, eat dinner, plop himself down in his recliner and watch TV and snooze while I continued to cook, clean, sew, feed the children, help them with their homework, bath them, put them to bed, do laundry, take care of our pets, and on and on. Then when he was ready for bed and I was completely worn out and exhausted he would expect me to be all styled up, dressed in sexy lingerie, and ready for hot sex. It was very difficult. He worked 8/5, and I worked 24/7. My current husband loves and respects me and wants me to pursue my dreams. We share virtually everything, including household chores, yard work, and caring for the children. We both have careers and because we don't have a structured view of what each of us is responsible for our lives our easy, happy, sexually hot, and very fulfilling. I still do many of things that society considers "woman's work", and I enjoy it, but I also do some things that some people consider only a man's responsibility. My husband is the same way and it works out very well for both of us.

Assuming that all men and all women have the same basic natures based on their gender is absurd, and it is exactly why feminism came to be. Women became sick and tired of our patriarchal society dictating what they should want in life, what they should do, how they should be behave, and how they should be treated. If a man wants to act like a "sissy girl" he should be entitled to do so, and if a woman wants to be a professional who focuses primarily on her career without being a mommy and a housewife, she should be entitled to do so as well. Its about having the right to choose. If a woman only wants a certain type of man then she should just choose to go find that type of man, and if a man just wants a certain type of woman he should do the same. They should not demand that everyone want what they want and/or be what they want. Society and government should not dictate how people should live their lives unless how someone wants to live their life is criminally damaging to others and illegal.

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"No science,that was originally designed to help couples conceive is now being warped into a designer baby market. Stem cell research that is used to heal the sick and injured is being twisted to help lesbians conceive children completely by themselves. <br />
Its a feminists dream come true. A ALL FEMALE PLANET!!!! <br />
First they try to destroy us. Then they just simply breed us out. "<br />
<br />
Seriously??? How do you guys come up with this stuff?<br />
As a feminist, I am a hater of men and family? Well alrighty then.<br />
I'm gonna make my personal contribution to my dream of an ALL FEMALE PLANET...starting tonight! I am gonna off my husband and 3 sons with some of my "special" soup.

A good post! Almost no one argues that the First Wave of feminism is alright. That's cool and I'm all for it. It's the man-hating that RadFembots shove in society's face. Total bulldust! Thanks for the important distinction and g'donya boredbylife!

Deja, that's dinkie die! Especially the latest wave. You see it in the sexist attempt to make men look stupid on telly &amp; media. Just because you're a man doesn't make you stupid - you're stupid because you don't think; there's no donger attached to that intangible concept. Strewth! Now it's beer o'clock, gotta take my break.

Oh I forgot to add that more men live in poverty than women. More men are homeless than women.

Form birth woman are proffered over men. Studies show that infant females receive more attention than infant males. Mothers are more likely to rush to a crying female than a male. Don't believe me look it up. <br />
Throughout childhood females are given priority. Schools are designed to promote female achievement over males. Again if you don't believe me look it up. <br />
In college females are given scholarships just simply because they are female. College entrance standards are unequal so that colleges can boast as having a higher level of female students. <br />
In the work place females are given promotions even when they are less qualified than their male co-workers. <br />
In our justice system women receive lighter sentences than males who have committed the same crimes. Men that are accused of domestic violence are jailed. No questions asked. Even though studies show that 7 out of 10 women that are physically abused by their husbands also physically abuse their husbands. Yet women are never dragged from their homes in hand cuffs then thrown in jail for simply being accused. Women are rarely ever convicted of domestic violence. <br />
Society is bias towards men. <br />
All rapist are men. Evidence shows they aren't.<br />
Women never rape other women. They do. <br />
All child molesters are men. They aren't. <br />
Men are portrayed in all facets or television and media as being mentally inferior. They aren't. <br />
Only men cheat. Women never cheat. When men cheat its because he's a typical man. When women cheat its not cheating because she want being emotionally and/or sexually fulfilled by her husband. <br />
Women have the right to an abortion. Men have no right to stop it. We are forced to sit silently by and have our children murdered. <br />
Men are forced to sign up for the draft. Women are not. <br />
Prostrate cancer takes a back seat to breast cancer in all areas of fund raising and research. Men die earlier than women. <br />
<br />
WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!!!!! <br />
<br />
Scientist have created ***** from altered stem cells from a woman. Soon women will be able to produce children together. <br />
Science is very close to being able to allow a couple to design their children. Everyt part of the DNA can me manipulated before the fertilized egg is implanted in the female. Hair color, eye color, height, gender ect. can all be predetermined. <br />
Polls of lesbian women from the ages of 14 to 65 show that an overwhelming majority believe that the earth will one day become an all female planet. <br />
Feminists didn't stop with the goal of equality. They took it further. Now our society is designed to break men's spirits from birth. Drag them down. Convince them they are no good. That something is wrong with them simply because they are male. This is what the people behind the scenes of the feminist movement have done. This is what they wanted. Of course they aren't going to tell you the rank and file feminists this. <br />
No science,that was originally designed to help couples conceive is now being warped into a designer baby market. Stem cell research that is used to heal the sick and injured is being twisted to help lesbians conceive children completely by themselves. <br />
Its a feminists dream come true. A ALL FEMALE PLANET!!!! <br />
First they try to destroy us. Then they just simply breed us out. <br />
If you call yourself a feminist then you are supporting these ideas. Weather you know it or not. Weather you believe it or not. <br />
There is no feminist and feminist extremists. They are one in the same. You either are or your not a feminist. Feminism hasn't been about equality in over 50 yrs. They use the word equality as a cover. A screen to hide they're true agenda. Most of the inner circle wants men to become second class citizens. A few want men totally removed from the population. If you support the idea of freedom and equality then your not a feminist. <br />
<br />
Everything I have said can be proven true by statistics and science. All is needed is a little intelligence to connect the dots. And you'll see that I'm correct.

please provide the statistics and "science" which you use as your bases for your rant.

@run, your rant is completely devoid of any truth and any science. This type of rhetoric is toxic to those of us who would like to intelligently debate various gender related issues.
From now on when you claim to have evidence you need to include it with your opinion.


Dude if you want the definition of far-fetched dont bother looking it up just read your own post. YES. Sexism does exist in our world. Sexism towards both men and women. Feminists are working to solve the sexist problems involving women. Like woman in combat, who is paid more, how abortion is illegal in some countries(what about in cases of rape), Saudi Arabia(that one phrase explains everything), societal perceptions and so on so forth. Yes sexist problems work both ways. Male face problems with sexism too but lets all work on one problem at a time shall we? Instead of posting pointless rants about i quote "an all female planet" do something about the problems.

An all female planet :/ I think that's unlikely. Keep in mind that most women love men, just as most men love women. We are not all maniacs hell bent on destroying the male gender. There will always be women who would like to have a male child, as well. Even if our technology could theoretically 'erase one gender' I don't think everyone would be quite on board with that decision. You seem kind of paranoid.

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Man, I love this. You're right, radical feminists think they can cling to old ideals and reform them, or just add to it, but you have to make choice. Do you want romance and family, or do you want to make something big out of yourself. Because feminists claim you can have it all, but you can't. It's not possible to please everyone. You have to choose. Do you want to be a homemaker/mother, or leave the house and be dedicated to a career. You can't have both, I repeat, you can't have both. It's unfair to your coworkers and it hurts your job. You'll be exhausted and unhappy, and men apparently seem to have a problem with women who aren't conforming to society and rebel. So do you want to make them happy, or make the most out of this life? Anyway, some like the idea of being housebound. <br />
<br />
Ha, men think feminism revolves around making their lives unhappy. There's a reason it's called FEMinism. I'm sure there's still a lot of traditional domesticated women left. Let the tough ones rock the world, and take the other ones for your home before we get to them and 'corrupt' them by telling them they can be different.

Yes women can have it all just like men have always enjoyed it all, family and career!

Yes they can have it all. But who suffers for it? Her and children. Studies show that women are less happy now that they have it "all". Children do better in school. And go on to lead more productive lives when their mother is a stay at home mom. At least that's what the experts say.

Just another prime example of how feminism isn't about equality. Its about female superiority. "There's a reason it's called FEMinism". And its not about a woman's right to choose what she wants to be. Its about convincing her that if she doesn't go out and have a career that she is weak and wrong. "Let the tough ones rock the world, and take the other ones for your home before we get to them and 'corrupt' them by telling them they can be different."

kr, regarding "Studies show that women are less happy now that they have it "all" - you make an important point here. CNN's correspondent Ines Ferré reveals why in her eye-opening video report at Manly's post: http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/See-How-Feminism-Has-Failed/1725050?comment-sort=recent#comment_7102297

I'd really like to see these studies.

Please provide proof of this statement with the so called studies which you claim exist.


Also, many confuse academics with intellectuals.

Then why do males have families? Noo you cant have it all. You have to choose be the breadwinner or the house husband. Note my sarcasm. Yes women can have it all. For example my mom. She has a fantastic career and her co-workers like her yet she was the best mom a person could ask for and definitely a great wife to my dad. I am straight-A student and my house is clean and fine. I'm well fed. Everyone including my mother is happy. So do check up all that bullshit you sprout as your studies "suggest".

"Do you want to be a homemaker/mother, or leave the house and be dedicated to a career. You can't have both, I repeat, you can't have both."

Oh yes you can, and I do, and it is awesome.

I love it when people who claim there are studies and statistics that prove something is true just constantly tell people to "GOOGLE IT" when people ask them to show that what they are claiming is true and that it is not just more of their made up BS that we have seen time and time again.

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