I'm Really Debating Whether Or Not I Should Leave This Group

I am Anti-Feminist to an extent. By which I mean that I believe that gender inequality has been sufficiently overcome and there are more productive civil rights issues to focus our efforts on, such as gay rights and the way Muslims are treated in this country (I'm just going to assume that this group is composed primarily of Americans). But that's not the kind of message I see being sent by this group. Instead there seems to be a sense that many of you actually want to decrease the amount of rights that women have in our society. That position is simply so ignorant and foolish that I hardly know how to react to it. There is no 'gender war', men who support womens rights aren't 'traitors'. Another term I've heard used frequently is 'feminazi'. This is the most idiotic, non-applicable term I have heard used in the discussion of any topic for quite some time. Nazism was an offshoot of the political ideology of Fascism, an offshoot that embraced anti-semitism. It had it's origins in Germany, which after the end of WW1 had been forced into unfair terms at the Treaty of Versailles. These terms effectively crippled Germany's economy and left many Germans with a disdain for countries that had made up the Allied Powers during WW1. This, coupled with a surge in German patriotism, and the increasing popularity of 'scientific racism' (a form of racism attempting to use scientific evidence to assert the superiority of one race over another) led to the rise of Nazism. This led Nazism to encourage the persecution (and eventually mass slaughter of) the Jews, whom Nazism held responsible for Germany's plight. Feminism is a blanket term for a number of movements attempting to overcome gender inequality, particularly in regards to women's rights. As any person with even half a brain can see, Nazism has absolutely nothing to do with Feminism. In fact, the rise of Nazism in Germany saw a decrease in the amount of rights afforded to women, so if any connection can be drawn between the two movements it is an antagonistic one. As I said before, I personally feel that gender inequality has been more or less overcome and that there are more pressing civil rights issues to deal with, but the moment people start encouraging reducing the rights that women have and comparing Feminism and Nazism, it just makes me wonder how ignorant people can get.
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Well put. There is a big difference between being a non-feminist and being an anti-feminist. Unfortunately many of the anti-feminists we see on here ridicule not only men who are feminists, but also men who are just non-feminists and have decided to focus on other things. Quite a few of them claim that any man who isn't strongly against feminism is a mangina. They should realize that their extreme and critical views are just going to push men like you away and as a result significantly limit the number of men who might not have a problem with them, and might actually support them.

''There is a big difference between being a non-feminist and being an anti-feminist''

if feminists go to the extreme most of the times without impact, why cant anti feminists do the same? i've see feminists who call women ''sell outs'' and traitor for being against feminism whats wrong with the other way around for once?