I Think Religion Poisons Everything......

I think Christ's message was one of love and forgiveness. Anything the church has to say beyond that is just ego and idolatry. That's basically how I view any other belief. I don't have a problem with anyone believing in a Creator, a creative force, whatever, as long as they leave the rest of us alone. 

The Church can't seem to do that, though. No Church can. Religious dogmatists will cut your throat as soon as look at you, unless you believe exactly as they do. They can hide behind their joyous songs all they want but they're not fooling anyone.

Crank up the Crusades, burn midwives as witches, issue your Fatwas and Jihads, and it all comes down to one thing, lethal force in the name of a loving God, your God, the right God.

Shame on you!

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Organised religion* not religion itself. The heads of organised religion are to blame here not religion itself.

If Jesus even historically existed, the gospels quoted him telling followers to leave everything as they were going to see him soon. He also had some advice for slaves to obey their masters. Doesn't sound very loving.

I'm disappointed in the anti theists that I've encountered online and offline so far-I expected respect and honest conversations about the different belief systems in our world but have only found hatred for all others who believe differently. How are you all different from everyone else? What do you have to offer in the way of world peace and the starvation epidemic other than criticizing others who have at least made an attempt to alleviate the issue? I'm still waiting for actual deeds and results from this group who are obviously passionate about what they don't believe.

Good post, a little nicer than Christopher Hitchens put it.

Granted my beliefs go a few steps further but I agree with everything you said from the second paragraph down. Good read!

And I agree, it is a tough sell, and some people get quite overcome with their religions to the point where I believe that they lose sight of what they are actually trying to preach when they reach that tipping over point of sharing their love for what they believe and being condescending to others beliefs.

I agree, very well said OG!

Yes, It's called ''proselytizing." Even though they may be motivated by a genuine love for mankind, it still shows a basic disrespect for the beliefs of those they encounter. They actually have my sympathy though. When you consider the books of the "God of Abraham" triad, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, on one page you're directed to live in harmony with your unbelieving neighbors and on another page your directed to annihilate them. To me, that's a tough sell.

I agree that some Christians can be over zealous.<br />
<br />
The Bible does strongly urge Christians to "share" the word...even goes so far as to say it is their duty...so maybe we can understand where they are coming from.<br />
<br />
They actually want us all to have a better eternal life, which I imagine they do from a love of mankind.