I Am None Of These, I Prefer Reality As I See It

1. Atheist: "Classic Atheism" from greek- ATHEOS; "no god", "godless"{Non-theist; Agnostic,Atheist,Deist,etc}. Modern day version/intrpretation of Atheism= "lack of belief in the existence of any sort of creator intelligence".

2. Hard Atheist: Modern day Atheism with teeth.

3. Agnostic: Uncertain about the existence of a Deistic Creator. May also be uncertain about exietence of theistic god; but is more commonly used to refer to one uncertain as to the existence of a simple deistic creator; between deist and atheist. But believes it "possible".

4. Hard Agnostic: Someone who believes that it is theoretically impossible to prove that God exists.

5. Non-Theist: What it says, someone wh's NOT a "theist"{no belief in personal deity or deities}; includes Atheists,Agnostics,Deists,Buddhists,Taoists,Modern Satanists, Symbolic Pagans,etc.

6. Anti-Theist: A rationalist opposed in principle to the concepts of revealed religion, faith, and "theism"{belief in definable personal deities}. Includes Atheists,Agnostics, and Deists{agnostic-deists to be specific, with varrying degrees of agnosticism added to modern deistic views-NOT classic deism/borderline liberal theism}.
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thank you for explaining all of these things, it is easy for people to allow these different beliefs to blend together into one