Oh Yes There's Nothing Quite Like An Aquarian !!!

We 'Aquarians' are one of a kind, or so i once read there is no other starsign quite like it. Maybe who ever said it though may say it about al the other starsigns too......... no i doubt it. BUT REALLY PROUD TO BE AN AQUARIAN - i think we are all whackier than most starsigns plus i think we are  less non-commital ? To all you fellow aquarians - YOU UNDERSTAND ME................................ Don't you ?   yep good x answering myself too !!! Shall i ask my self a Question? OMG how mad is that, i just did! Yep having a mad moment .  Hey no~one can EVER take my sense of humour away from me !!!

wishwing wishwing
41-45, F
6 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Hey you have us spot on..........not forgetting super intelligent, smart, funny, witty, charming........need i go on !!lol

and what is it about us you love .......?

...and what starsign are you enzymatic1 ?

i think we are less non-committal ? How do you mean this? You will or won't commit? And to what? ;))


Fair comment, you just have to be happy and the rest should hopefully follow. However you will need a sense of humour going through a break up, and never let it be taken from you, i love to laugh, let my hair down and mess about, and hate feeling restricted (typical aquarian trait!) you would know you are one yourself!<br />
So.................. If you think it's going to be a horrible seperation, then it more than likely will be, however try to remain positive, and also that's where the sense of humour comes into play too. Do you have kids together ? (if so i know it's doubly hard)

Have seen red ants didn't really know they were called fire ants, col though! So did you leave the bloke that made you unhappy ?

Sounds like you've been in a controlling relationship? by the way what are fire ants?