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Aquarius Description Sign No. 11 English Name Aquarius Sanskrit Name Kumbha Meaning of Sanskrit Name The Pitcher Type Air Lord Saturn

Skandhe tu riktah purushasya kumbho janghetamekadashamaahuradhyaah

[The image of Kumbha ( Aquarius ) rashi is like a man holding a pitcher on his shoulder and it represents the thighs of the Kaalpurusha (Ursha Major). Shallow areas, lands producing coarse vegetables, markets of birds, alcohol, and women and gambling dens are the places of its dwelling.]

The eleventh sign of the Rashichakra, Kumbha ( Aquarius ) rashi have certain visions on which they dream to improve the world around them and make it a better place in a collaborative effort. These progressive souls, are also quick to engage others in this process and in the process gather many friends and acquaintances.

Jatakas of Kumbha ( Aquarius ) rashi are humanitarian, philanthropic and keenly interested in making the world a better place. Their love for the mankind will make them do anything for the uplift. But they are at the same time cold and detached, and devoid of emotional attachment as well as ruthlessly impartial. They adore freedom of movement, thought and life and are often our inventors and technical wizards. The 'ideas of Kumbhajatakas ( people born under aquarius ) change the planet - from computers, aero planes and astrology' all are ruled by them and most often dubbed as eccentrics. They are forever changing ideas and cannot relate to people who do not think like them. They seldom figure out the details for their grand visions.

Sympathetic, sensitive, philosophical, strong intuitive powers, friendly yet distant, Kumbhajatakas ( people born under aquarius ) make it very difficult for others to get involved with them. They consciously value their personal space, and in the process often end up being lonely. They admire beauty and everything about them seems soft and gentle, but their unconventional mindset and originality often manifests in bizarre and unpredictable behaviour. They forever expand their horizons of knowledge and their analytical minds draw them towards science. Though not easily agitated, patient and persevering, it is not easy to change their minds or opinions. However, Kumbhajatakas ( people born under aquarius ) can not be called fanatics. They are modern in their outlook.

Money matters never worried the Kumbhajatakas ( people born under aquarius ). Often indulging in charity and travelling, they are apt to suffer serious losses too. They do well in artistic pursuits. Most of them are brilliant scientists and physicians. Law is another field they can pursue without serious difficulties.

Kumbhajatakas ( people born under aquarius ) love their private space and intrusions are not very welcome. But the ones they let into find them to be fascinating and quite enchanting. Ones to fall in love with Kumbhajatakas ( people born under aquarius ) will most likely share their artistic and intellectual interests. Kumbhajatakas ( people born under aquarius ) like to make everything perfect for the partner. Their approach to love and marriage is logical and intellectual, therefore loving with mind, as well as eyes. They are accommodating, will compromise and adapt even if first impression said otherwise. Apart from fellow Kumbhajatakas ( people born under aquarius ), Mithuna and Tulajatakas are ideal partners fo0r Kumbhajatakas ( people born under aquarius ). Home-loving and with a penchant for cooking and other domestic activities like collecting spices and trying out various recipes, Kumbhajatakas ( people born under aquarius ) often surprise partners by taking these up as pastime pleasures. 
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erm...i dont agree with everything written here...i dont think they all love to make the world a better place... i knew an aqua ho didnt care about the wold at all actually.<br />
I believe they r unstable and change a lot. they always start off being romantic and nice then start drifting away.<br />
Only a smart aqua can maintain a relationship...most of them end up lonely cuz they are not smart or c things their own way only.

Or maybe the man is just a ******* SELFISH BASTARD!!!! hit nail right on the head.........thought I was reading my biography.<br />
<br />
I loved the cooking part, very accurate. I'm also infatuated with wine in a big way. love it!!!<br />
<br />
One thing though........does it interest you in any way to find out about who you were in previous<br />
<br />
lives. It's been driving me crazy lately to know just who I used to be.

Wow! You did describe my mother. I am Libran. What's for my sign in the Sanskrit arena? I admire your ability to study this area of ancient cultural interpretation. I'd like to hear from you.

this is totally me. I am sun and moon aquarius.

Very apt description, indeed! I applaud this post....well done!!