Free Spirit, Tree Whisperer, Smile Seeker...

I am an Aquarius. 

I am a free spirit; untamed and untied.  I am friendly and respectful to all living things, they are as much a part of me as I am them.  I am honest, let's face it, lying has never been one of my strong points... I am a non-conformist, from seashell adorned hair to mis-matched gloves, I am an individual.  I am stubborn; I want what I want and I want it now, period.  I am curious, craving knowledge on any and all matter of things that interest me.  I am passionate, I love deeply and fully all the time.  I am theatrical and performance driven: I *love* attention.  I am unique, I (literally) dance to the beat of my own drum.  I am have been warned.... I love people, so let's chat, but don't bore me please.  I am sensitive, even though I try and hide it sometimes.  I am emotional, even if I sometimes have a hard time expressing it.  I am enthusiastic, I talk loudly even in quite places.  I am joyful, I laugh long and loud.  I am animated, I use my whole body when I talk, even more so when I dance.  I am creative, from paint to beads to collage and everything in between, my hands help translate the world that exists in my mind into the physical world.  I am spiritual, acknowledging the presence and the importance of nature and it's energy all around us.  I am tolerant and accepting, making friends with people with all manner of beliefs and from all walks of life.  I am a dreamer, trying to live in today, but always thinking about tomorrow. 

I am an Aquarius.


...flow on.... :)


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8 Responses Feb 17, 2010

right on :') so accurate! i love knowing of creatures so very similar to me!

I so love this that is me to a "T" :)

So true so true...

we got alot of that in common


Essence of the Aquarian!!!! Beautifully and truthfully expressed. Namaste fellow water bearer!

Fabulous, rock on girl :)

i agree thats how i am.Aquarius and proud?....hell yes!:]