Archery Is In the Blood

What can I say?

I suppose when someone asks me "What are you?" I have to say I'm and archer. This is something that defines me. The music, swordsmanship and everything else is something that I really enjoy, and work at, but they are all things I "do". An archer is what I am!

Whenever I think things are getting too much. just grabbing my bow and quiver of arrows and heading out over the fields and into the woods is the way to go. Once amongst the trees, I am complete. (I suppose the reason I have become a student of bushcraft is so that I can spend more time out there).


One cannot describe to a non-archer what it feels like to pull a bow to full draw and release and then know, as soon as the string leaves your fingertips, that the arrow is going to strike exactly where you intended!

greenman68 greenman68
41-45, M
Mar 8, 2009