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April 8th i read alot about aries in im so alike in the descriptions its scary its asscociated with the facial features and if you can take a look at me other aries would understand. I look like a ram long face and my ears pook out!
chillkilla chillkilla
18-21, M
3 Responses May 25, 2012

Your post made me laugh!! So coool. I know what you mean, all my astrology ties together and seems to describe me perfectly. My chinese zodiac is even the ram/sheep!

Me too i laughed never thought about me resembling a Ram... will take a look tonight lool!

Aries is not the kind of person to settle for quiet nights in. Two Aries falling in love means there will be fireworks.<br />
<br />
Gemini with Aries Love Astrology<br />
<br />
Gemini & Aries are a match full of fun & excitement. Aries’ tendency to be controlling can cause problems if they don’t trust their partner but they are a very good match.<br />
<br />
Leo with Aries Love Astrology<br />
<br />
The noble Leo and warrior Aries are a passionate match guaranteed a life of adventure and fun. Excitement is great for them but they must be careful not fight for control.

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