I've Always Found That I H...

I've always found that I have Aries traits too. I do wonder how many people feel like they actually match their star sign, and if they match it because they've grown knowing how they're supposed to be or if the stars actually predict who we are. In any case, I've always been an individual, very outgoing, hot tempered, a leader, and creative, which are all strong Aries traits. And I'm very attracted to Leos and Libras. So as far as I'm concerned the stars hit the nail on the head with me.
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1 Response Jul 19, 2007

hi wanderkid,nice post. i am an arian, well i think i am, born 30th march,, i felt i was an arian when i was younger, i had all the traits, forthright/strong-minded/creative and agrumentative,and shy/ but as i,ve grown older, i,m none of this things, i was brave heroine, now i've gone flat, i do not represent an arian at all, i spend all my time trying to please other people, being everything i am not, supressing my woolly traits,i feel like an zodiac sign that has not even been created i admire other arians, their everything i used to be,i am extremeley shy now,boring/impatient at the higest level/lazy, aghh i need my aries fire back, what iam to do,