"Typical Aries", I've been told by a sweet Cancer in a way that left it open whether she meant it as an insult or a compliment. Atypical Aries, I was going to say, but then I Googled it and uh... just let's not go there, no seriously don't go there. What's a Cancer doing with any kind of Aries you might wonder though, so, yeah...
I wonder if the typical Aries believes in astrology though; I just Googled that, too, and apparently they do. Makes sense, the Aries sun-sign is so awesome. Sometimes when I've read caricatures or summaries of sun-signs when I come to Aries I'm like "Yeah, where's the negative?".
Of course I don't believe in Astrology as such, but first of all it's ingrained in most of us from birth in so many ways, almost like gender roles, and secondly the season we're born in affects us through so many processes, both man made and natural that it'd be pretty foolish to think being born in spring or fall would make no difference.
So yeah, I'll be Aries.
Faust76 Faust76
70+, M
Aug 16, 2014