I Am An Army Brat

I am an Army daughter, both of my fathers were in the army and retired Generals, about 2 years ago.


I currently have a forum for women that have husbands in the military, and their husbands are also a part of the community.

I design tags/signatures, to be used on the forums, or on myspace.

I also have a blog here   http://ladysnowflake.blogspot.com/

and my forums www.peppercola.com

Where we get together and talk, and offer games and support to wives that are dealing with their husbands being in Iraq. We're a very close "family" and would love to meet more women or men wanting to share their stories and  just make new friends, or get our designs :)


I am very proud to be an Army child, and if i had been able to, i would have joined myself. :)


thank you for reading this and i hope to meet some new friends here :) or you  are welcome to head on over to my own home at my forums and introduce yourself and how you found me if you followed the link from here. :)



*hugs and love*


aka Lady Snowflake

ladysnowflake ladysnowflake
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1 Response Jun 9, 2008

I retired from the army in 1987, I'm a man, forty years ago I was also in a war so I kind of have an idea what everyone is going through. I'm proud to have served my country for 20 years, I was enlisted. I hope that everyone who is sereving makes it home to there loved ones.