State Side Brat

my father was the one who tore down the lil boys when they came to base and rebuild them in the army's image. he was very good at his job, which means that he was good at tearing us down as well.  i had the unique experience of being in the military life, and staying in the same general area for years at a stretch.  when he went overseas, he went to hardship tours...okinowa, korea, ocs training....where we didn't get to go with him and experience international life.  and then he retired in the same area.  i been both brat and civilian, and i even tried to become one of them, and thankfully/regretfully i am medically barred from service. i am always looking for the friends who left me behind, and for people who understand what it was like being raised inside those fences.
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41-45, F
Feb 10, 2013