My Fiance Is Considering The Military

My fiance who've I have been with for a year now has now decided that he wants to join the Military: Active Duty for two years. I can really say that i am scared. I know that God will keep him safe and watch over him. It's just the thought of him being away fighting and not being near me. I am 19 years old and he's turning 21 in november. We are a young engaged couple just trying to stay strong. I cant lie the thought of him wanting to join is tearing me up inside i want to say no, but when he talks about it he gets this glow on his face and says "i really want to do this, i know what i'm getting mysefl into". I'm letting him do it because i know its going to make him happy and i dont ever want him to go through life regretting that he didnt follow his dream. i just want to break down and cry, even while i am typing this, because im scared. I dont want anything to happen to him while he is away. He says he will be okay and that God will watch over him. and i know that. I just read so many stories where soldiers dont come home and if they do, they come back in a casket. I really need support. So if anyone has advice for me please feel welcomed to do so.

Dear GOD,
I pray in the name of Jesus that whateve Esteban(my fiance) wants to do that it will not be in vain. I ask that even while he trains and prepares that you will cover him with your blood. Prtect him from all hurt, harm and danger. I ask that if he truely decides by your will to go into the military that it be from you and that you will keep him safe and sound. And i also pray for me that if he goes that you will be my comforter, that i will not feel alone or scared, but that i know you sit High and look Low and you will watch over the both of us and bring us back together safely. This i ask and i declare it done is Jesus matchless name.

KeelahCovington KeelahCovington
Sep 20, 2012