I Wanna Write Him...so Bad

My boyfriend of a year left for basic training not too long ago. I don't know if I should write to him yet. I don't wanna seem pushy or anything sending him a bunch of letters, and him sending me only one a week kind of deal. (He really hates writing) He also has to write to his 2 sisters and other family members. I'd feel bad if he took too much time writing me. 
I don't know what I should put in the letters either to be honest. The standard encouraging statements of course, but these last days I've been miserable and not really doing much either =/ . I don't wanna write that down though because he can't be worrying about me and thinking I can't handle this, I just need time. If anyone has any suggestions on this letter situation, it'd be greatly appreciated :) 
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Honestly, it's going to suck until about a month before he is about to graduate. At first writing letters seems kind of romantic but after its been a few weeks you can start to sound repetitive with each other. Because in your heart all you want to say is "I miss you so much" "I can't wait to see you again" "I love you baby" etc. And on top of that, the letters can take weeks to get to one another sometimes. My advice is to stick it out the best you can until you can finally talk to him on the phone.
I was so excited to hear from him one day, I answered the phone at work while I was helping a customer (even though I could've gotten fired!) But it made it was worth it when I heard his voice <3
Goood luck

write write write! Tell me what's going on in your day and even if you want to what you're wearing that day to give him a visual. I know that I write to my bf everyday and he does the same. It really keeps him motivated and something to look forward to at mail call. lets us all know how it turns out.

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My soldier was the same way - he told me I wouldn't get many letters b/c he'd have to write to his family members plus me. Although at first he told me to not write him too much, I knew he'd change his mind once he got to OCS and was getting yelled at by the SGTs. The minute I got his address, I began writing him letters. I sent him one every day. I thought that he would think the SAME thing - that I was being too pushy and/or clingy, but I didn't care. I missed him SOOOO much that I was in pain, it seemed. So, writing to him made me feel better. And guess what?? When he finally got home, he told me how much he loved getting so many letters b/c he was going through such a horrible time and my letters kept him going!!! <br />
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When I wrote him, I just included every day stories about my day - funny things that happened, places you visited, and just how you are doing (don't tell him you are REALLY sad or whatever, you can say that you miss him terribly and thatyou're sad when he's not home, etc. But he needs you to be as uplifting as possible in those letters, because these letters are going to be what helps him get through the bad days!!!!) Then, at the very end of the letter, I would write about a paragraph about how much I loved him, how much he was my everything. I would write poems here, and write the corniest love notes here, just so that would be the last thing he read, and the first thing he'd recall about the letters. <br />
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So, girly, go write your man a letter. I'm sure he is waiting to hear how you're doing!!!!!! :-)

It's no problem at all! I remember when I used to invision my future....it definitely had nothing to do with the military! lol Funny how things turn out, but like you said, we are determined to make it work :)

Thank you so much for your advice I really appreciate it :) It's so nice talking to someone who knows how I feel. I honestly never thought I'd end up with a soldier, but now that I'm here I'm trying to put 100% into making this work. Thank you for all your help :D

Hey girly, go ahead and write to your man! They love hearing from us, whether they have time to write back right away or not. I write him every night and then put like 2-3 days worth of letters in one envelope.<br />
As for what to put in the letters, I've been the same way, kinda just sittin at home. Just try and find little things throughout your day to put down, like a funny conversation or maybe something interesting you found online. The way I make myself find motivation to do things with friends and do summer assignments for school is because I want him to be proud of me when he gets back and it's something else to put in the letters! I also try and find cute quotes and sayings and things like that :) Oh and they love pictures!<br />
Hope this helped and I'm here for you if you ever want to talk :)