Help! Need Input

My boyfriend Jacob and I grew up together and we've been dating for 6 months, but out of those six months, we've only physically been together less than 3 weeks because he's deployed to Iraq. We've got the hang of this long distance thing even though we'd rather be together but he's got 7 more months until he comes home. When he comes home, he'll go back out west where he's stationed but I go to school as a sophomore in New England. Lately I've been thinking about tranferring to a university for my junior year that's two hours from his base so we could see each other every other weekend or at least more often than if I stay in the Northeast. He's supposed to deploy again in 2012, and then when he gets back I'll be graduated so I'll move wherever he is. My question is for that one year between deployments when he's in the states should I transfer schools and move across the country to see him more often or should we just keep the long distance thing up until I graduate and can be with full time? I don't want to grow apart in a long distance relationship, but I also don't know if it would put too much pressure on the relationship if I move out there and we're not able to see each other as much as we hope anyway. Any thoughts?
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Aug 5, 2010