Seeing Him Again

Do you other girlfriends ever dream about what it will be like when you see him? Or am I alone in this?
lenzeyanddavid lenzeyanddavid
18-21, F
6 Responses Aug 11, 2010

I think its totally normal. i dream of my soldier just about every night

i am so with you man graduates basic in 2 weeks and i've already got my dress, jewelry, shoes, and even the way i'm styling my hair picked out lol every once in awhile, i'll just close my eyes and really imagine seeing him for the first time again and for 1 brief second, it's like i'm really seeing him again

My man is in Basic training..he graduates in Sept 2nd and i cannot wait to see him...i think about him every moment of every day, he is the love of my life and i cannot wait to be in his arms!!

everyday hun your not alone on this one. i have had some dreams that seemed so real that when i woke up i was hoping he was next to me lol

I dream about him almost every night while he's over in basic. Dreams are your mind's way of sorting out things, so dont worry, it's perfectly normal. : )

i always dream about what it will be like the next time i see my boyfriend. the next time i see him will probably be over the computer which sucks but its better then not being able to see him at all. if you ever need anyone to talk to you can talk to me. if you don't want anyone knowing you talk to me then send a message and i wont say anything. i have been in this position before and i will always be here for anyone that may need my help in any way.