Support Children's Miracle Network

Hi ladies!!

I am a big supporter of Dance Marthon at my university and it's only 51 days away!! I am a Morale Captain and have set my fundraising goal of $300. If you don't know, Dance Marathon raises money for Chrildren's Miracle Network, an organization that gives funds to families that have sick children. The money raised goes for their food, hotels, gas, and to the hospitals as well to help purchase much needed medical equipment!

I would love your support and I understand money is tight with a lot of people so if you can give even $2, I would greatly appreciate it! Please do not feel pressured to give, I love your support here and that is plenty enough for me :)

If you do decide that you want to donate, please follow the link!!
AXiLove AXiLove
22-25, F
Feb 2, 2012