Fort Bening Army Man And Boot Camp Can Anyone Help? I Need Some Questions Answered

I have no idea how this process goes so if you could help me out i would greatly appreciate it, For army graduation do we purchase our own flight tickets? do we have to purchase graduation tickets?how long do the letters take to be sent and to arrive to and from GA. also if anyone who can help me understand what exactly comes after bootcamp?? My man is in infantry and i would like to find out what exactly is the process of everything. 
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3 Responses Mar 5, 2012

My boyfriend isn't where your boyfriend is.<br />
But, i read that you haven't gotten a letter yet.<br />
It took my boyfriend 2 weeks to finally get a letter back home. :(<br />
But good luck!

ohh really?? :( darn... everytime i see the mailman come by my heart races hoping i get my letter.. :'(

hello there !! :) yes my man left just last week he has gone through this processing station wich allows them to have one last phone call if they do everything that is in order :) im glad i finally have someone to talk to about all this... trust me its hard but it gets harder as days go by u tend to notice how long it takes to get those letters... i still havnt recieved a letter from my man yet :(

omg my boyfriend just left for benning yesterday and he's infantry. i'm in the same boat as you idk when i'll hear from him again and i'm a mess we should become friends and talk maybe we can figure things out together. my # is 606--748-4226 i'm availiable anytime